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Berkeley Early Team


Berkeley produced a range of unique sportscars at the Berkeley Coachworks factory in Bedfordshire between 1956 and 1960.


They featured a composite chassis and the use of two stroke motorcycle engines, an idea that was so ahead of its time, that it was rediscovered some 40 years later.

​Reviving the British manufacturing brand, Berkeley Coachworks will re-open its doors in 2022 to manufacture a range of low-volume, high technology vehicles.classic

In keeping with its origins, Berkeley Sportscars will evoke the classic era of British sportscar manufacturing with exciting, bold and endearing cars drawn from a glorious past and envisioning a bright and successful future. 

Berkeley Bandit Old
Berkeley sportscar warehouse.png


Berkeley originated at the Old Warden airfield in the 1940’s, manufacturing vehicles using recycled aircraft components, and, given the founders’ combined experience in the aerospace and automotive world, Berkeley Sportscars will continue to re-establish links between both. Key technology and materials used in the road cars are tested in the extreme environment of air racing.

Berkeley Coachworks continues to stand for British Engineering excellence and innovation, and will retain its original focus on lightweight, high performance vehicles and classic, beautiful designs while adding a modern, fresh purpose to the brand’s 2020 story. 

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